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27 May 2020

- UPDATE JUNE 10 - all refunds are handled and the money will be in your account before the end of the month. Anything wrong? Please send an E-mail to

As the deadline from May 27 has been reached, we have started with replying to all E-mails and questions. Please bare with us as we like to send everyone a individual reply so we don't miss anyone. Replies will be send out June 3 latest!

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Covid-19 UPDATE

8 May 2020

Dear Boothstock visitors,

Thanks for your patience lately and the positive messages we received. As you know, Boothstock 2020 has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the Netherlands. We have worked very hard to set up the best Boothstock Festival to date and the preparations were already in full swing, but unfortunately we are here, sending you this message.

Over the last weeks, we explored all kind of possibilities to give you an alternative date, which could take place in 2020. But unfortunately that didn’t work out. But, we are really happy that we already locked in the date for 2021 (special thanks to Rotterdam Festivals and Gemeente Rotterdam).

On June 12 – 2021 we return to our beloved Kralingse Bos for ‘10 years of Boothstock’.

We follow the initiative from our, and we hope all of you support us towards next year, so we can enjoy Boothstock in 2021 and beyond. If you can’t make it, we hope you can give/sell your tickets to friends/family or sell it via Ticketswap. If that is also not an option for you, you can send a reply on this message, or send an E-mail to - do this before May 27!

We really hope you are with us in 2021 – in that case: you don’t have to do anything! Your ticket is automatically valid for this one. This also applies to your lockers and tokens!

We’d like to thank you again for your support and understanding, and we hope you all stay safe and healthy in this bizarre times.

All the best,

The Boothstock team

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1 April 2020

We are still pretty proud of the fact that we could convince DJ Rush to play a House set at our House Arena. Isaiah Major aka Dj Rush (born a Chicago Pioneer) is an amusing and bizarre entertainer; he is regularly known for his booming Techno sets, but for this occassion we asked him to cherry pick his 10 favourite house/disco/summer tracks to make us happy in this difficult times. Click HERE for the full listen!

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23 March 2020

In this uncertain times we'd like to share some positivity with you. We asked the Boothstock artists to share their top 10's with us. First up is Dutch maestro Chris Stussy who shares his top tracks with us. Chris Stussy broke through in double quick time with some head turning house tracks. But what is important is that he has continued to back up that early promise years later. He is now very much a key part of the underground with a sound that is all his own and has taken him to essential labels like Djebali, Rutilance, Eastenderz, Meta and, of course, PIV, where he is also charged with spotting new talent as the in-house A&R. 2020 will see music dropping on Moscow and Fuse and an official remix for the one and only Kerri Chandler.

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16 March 2020

Please stay home everybody. Take care of yourself and others. In the meantime we dug up some of our favorite 'Corona-livestreams' from the last week. From Benny tot Luciano and from Pan-Pot to Franky. Click HERE and listen them all!

We appreciate the fact artists are going the extra mile by setting up a livestream and share it with the world. We will keep this list updated with more streams in the coming days!

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25 February 2020

Well.. well.. well! Here we go again. Are you ready for the 9th edition of Boothstock Festival? Taking the line up and the festival to the next level this year. See you there!

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Line up Phase 01

6 February 2020

Hope it was worth the wait. We proudly present the first phase of our line up! Phase 02 coming soon. Please note that tickets are running faster than ever for this one.

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16 January 2020

Here's a cheeky and quick update from our side. We are breaking record after record with our ticket sales. Right now we have a handful of Phase 02 tickets left. Please note we sold out the complete festival the last years. So if you want to be part of our 2020 edition; dont wait too long and go to our ticketshop!

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5 December 2019

Wow, that was wild! After our pre-register tickets selling out faster than we ever expected. We doubled the Phase 01 tickets compared to last year, but we sold out even faster. Boothstock 2020 is gonna be a smashing edition! See you there.

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