23 March 2020

In this uncertain times we'd like to share some positivity with you. We asked the Boothstock artists to share their top 10's with us. First up is Dutch maestro Chris Stussy who shares his top tracks with us. Chris Stussy broke through in double quick time with some head turning house tracks. But what is important is that he has continued to back up that early promise years later. He is now very much a key part of the underground with a sound that is all his own and has taken him to essential labels like Djebali, Rutilance, Eastenderz, Meta and, of course, PIV, where he is also charged with spotting new talent as the in-house A&R. 2020 will see music dropping on Moscow and Fuse and an official remix for the one and only Kerri Chandler.

Monie Love - The Power (Reach Motel Heavy Dub)

Whenever I play this record, it always sounds so good on a proper system! Really energetic breaks and some sophisticated vocals, can't wait to play it this summer again!

DJ Cream - Dig It

A more minimalistic track, at first I underestimated this one, but once I played it, the vibe on the dancefloor immediately changed. Sick groove!

Djoko - Canceled On Request

I've played this one from my good friend Djoko a lot the last 2 years, once the disco hits come in around 3:40 I always loop the track to create a bit of tention and when it drops back in I just get goosebumps everytime.

Josh Baker & Alfa - Formulate

The drive from this bumpy bassline sounds amazing on big speakers, club or festival it doesn't really matter, it flows really well on both occasions.

Lazare Hoche & S.A.M. - The GB

A track that sounds like it's been made in the 90's for me, with hypnotising synths and a catchy jazzy sample right from the start. Once the female speech vocal comes in you get the attention of the crowd a bit more and the switch when it drops back in is done really well and works a treat!

Traumer - Fiebre

One of my favorite producers of this moment created an African kinda vibe and all elements are just working so well together and the tention in the break just really gets a crowd moving.

David Berrie - Inhibition

I imagine this track when the sun is going down slowly, people are in the zone and you just feel every element, especially the bassline does it all for me!

Toka Project - Revolution

What a journey... When I first heard this track I was hooked right from the start. Never leaves my bag to be honest... "feel so good"!!!

Jake Hough - No Flat Earth

I love those tracks with smooth elements but yet so driving and energetic. This is one of them on the new SASH label. That acid is just doing it for me, flying elements from left to right and good FX.

Antonio - I Need You Closer (Mr Stone Edit)

Title says it all really, perfect closing track for me in any set.