Boothstock festival takes place in Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam.

Where to find your tickets

Your tickets from 2019/2020 are still valid. You can find you tickets in your confirmation E-mail. If you cant find them, please follow the steps via


The presale lockers are sold out. But we have enough lockers available which you can purchase at the desk. 


The entrance of the festival is in the forest: Kralingse Bos(Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Go to the intersection of Princess Beatrixlaan and Langepad.

Public transport

From train station Rotterdam Centraal:
Metro E (Slinge) - > Stop at Metrostation Beurs - > Metro B(Nesselande) -> Stop at Metrostation Gerdesiaweg - > walk 15 minutes Bus 38 (Crooswijk) -> Stop at Nieuwe Crooswijkseweg - > walk 10 minutes

From train station Rotterdam Blaak:
Metro A (direction Binnehof) B (direction Nesselande) C (direction De Terp) -> stop at Gerdesiaweg - > walk 15 minutes

Check or routes, costs and information.

Entrance / Corona Check

We are obligated to do a check at the entrance to see if you have a valid COVID Certificate via the QR code in the CoronaCheck app or via a QR code from For more information, visit

International visitors within the EU can also access activities or events with the Digital Corona Certificate (DCC).


At the intersection of the Princess Beatrixlaan and Langepad are bike racks.


We advise you to come with bike, train/tram/bus or taxi due tolimited parking space. When you are coming to Boothstock with the car you can navigate to Langepad 9. When you get near to Boothstock please follow the PARKING SIGNS to get to the parking spots!